Tuesday, April 15

Things That Haunt

Our lovely intern handed me a story to revise this morning and tucked between the pages were three pages from my 9th, 11th and 12th grade yearbooks. She giggled with delight.

That's me on the upper left corner and my friend Gabby second from the right on the bottom row.

I posted the least embarrassing picture not because I'm ashamed of my pictures, but because I have to load the whole yearbook and it takes forever, even on my government Internets and a girl does have to work too.

So (jensational) it looks like I can even toss my old yearbooks because they are archived online for everyone to see.

Rebecca, the intern, said her dad spent most of the evening looking up people and she searched for hours last night. It is addictive though--like myspace or linkedin.

Before I find more pictures of myself to post, I'm going to look for my boss, who claims he's destroyed all pictures of himself. We'll see.

UPDATE: I couldn't help it. See if you can find the fresh faced freshman who was growing her hair out after shaving part of her head to spite her mom.

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